Customer Service Strategy: How do you embed Product/Service Knowledge in Employees?

According to research, employees with strong brand expertise sell 87% more than their peers without demonstrating the effect of brand knowledge in persuading customers.

One of the key tenets of an effective customer service strategy is having employees who understand the products they sell, and can accurately convey the benefits of the product to clients. Here are three approaches for embedding product knowledge in employees:

1.    Experience
One approach for selling the product to employees is letting them experience it. Giving employees direct, unhampered access to the product enables them to understand the product’s features and communicate them into benefits for the customer. This also reinforces the employees emotional connection with the product, promotes a positive brand within the organisation and raises sales by as much as 20%.

2.    Product Literature
Product literature is another way of broadening the brand vision to employees. A branding campaign can be initiated to introduce and explain the brand to employees. The messages can be directed at employee touch-points and day-to-day interactions.

3.    Sales Training Programs
Sales training involves personal development of skills and techniques for creating, exploring and closing sales opportunities. The programs can be designed to incorporate the employees experience with the product and reference to product literature to provide a well-rounded approach that emphasises sales effectiveness. Research supports this approach with indications that 50% of customers are looking for expert advice on what to buy, while 73% say product knowledge is what they need most from a sales associate.

How can you keep up?

Ensuring that employees know and understand their products and services is essential in making sales. Employees need to be able to meet the customer’s expectations in order to persuade them effectively.


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