Is talent management not another fad, there is so much talent management talk, is it really a tangible business factor? 

The best way to decide the importance of talent management is to ponder the effects of its absence. What you will have is a workforce that is not fit for purpose, unmotivated, outdated skillset and so disengaged that they become active saboteurs of the organisation. On the other hand, if you invest in selecting the right people and creating a connected framework of interventions and tools that address both their emotional well being and their competency levels, what you get is a more engaged workforce who can exercise discretionary effort and improve performance.

When you say transformation, what does that entail and who does it benefit?

If we look at successful companies the world over, they do two things well – continually evolve and improve their strategy and value delivery, and create great cultures that people can thrive. Advisory K’s view on transformation is that we help the company chart a course to these two success elements. From the crafting of a strategy to supporting the implementation of the strategy we create strong structures, processes and systems for the organisation to embed continuous improvement and innovation. In reference to building great cultures, we offer organisations the opportunity to define the culture they need – not just the one they want – and then we design the infrastructure to make change happen and last. To answer your question on the benefit, we work with mapping benefits to all stakeholders. There are no employees that don’t enjoy a great place to work, and there are no employers that want a failing organisation. When we can connect these two, then we have kickstarted the birthing of a better business for our client.

Why Executive Talent Search?

Over time we have developed a keen understanding of the quality of leaders that organisations need to succeed, and we also have a good network of exceptional talent in senior positions, regionally and internationally.  Our approach to executive search is unique, discreet wide reaching and this improves the pool of choice for our clients.

How does the services of research and analytics tie in with your offering?

Research and analytics are actually a pre-cursor to the work we do around strategy organisation and people. Too many strategies are planned with too little knowledge around the customer, the market and the economy. It was this understanding that led us to focus on helping our clients know more, so they can do more. Our focus is on working with what is known and building a predictive picture that helps organisations design ever more impactful value propositions for their clients. By analysing their data we can unlock hidden insights they have been collecting over time, and when we combine that with market research we can provide decision making data to our clients.


Will my information remain confidential?

Yes, we do not divulge candidates’ names or any of their information to the client until we have received approval to do so. We offer both the client and the candidate a discreet search process – safeguarding your confidentiality.

Where are you located?

We have a map to our offices on the Contact Page. Please do note however, that Advisory K meets with Executive Search candidates BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Please visit the contact page to find the relevant consultant’s contact information and get in touch with us.

Will I be required to pay a fee to find a job through Advisory K Executive Search?

No, our clients are responsible for compensating us for all services.


How does your firm identify potential candidates?

We take a non-conventional approach to finding and sourcing executive talent in that we see it as the biggest competitive advantage an organisation possesses, and therefore the search should be strategic, matching your organisation’s strategic intent with candidates that have the character that will lead success. By widening our search to beyond our borders, we also increase the probability that the best match is found. The wider the selection pool the better the likely outcome.

Does your firm specialise in any one area?

Yes. Our focus is on placing senior and executive talent, compounding our efforts towards aligning strategy and people.

Do you offer a replacement guarantee if things don’t work out?

Absolutely! In the unfortunate event that a placement does not work out, Advisory K have provided a scale of refunds which will compensate the Client if a placement is terminated within twelve (12) weeks of a Candidate’s start date and fails to find a replacement candidate. Please note though that conditions will apply.

How long does it take after the start of an assignment before a client receives a shortlist of Candidates?

A shortlist of the relevant candidates should normally be expected by the client within 2 to 3 weeks, following a thorough candidate sourcing and screening process.

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