When you say transformation, what does that entail and who does it benefit?

If we look at successful companies the world over, they do two things well – continually evolve and improve their strategy and value delivery, and create great cultures that people can thrive. Advisory K’s view on transformation is that we help the company chart a course to these two success elements. From the crafting of a strategy to supporting the implementation of the strategy we create strong structures, processes and systems for the organisation to embed continuous improvement and innovation. In reference to building great cultures, we offer organisations the opportunity to define the culture they need – not just the one they want – and then we design the infrastructure to make change happen and last. To answer your question on the benefit, we work with mapping benefits to all stakeholders. There are no employees that don’t enjoy a great place to work, and there are no employers that want a failing organisation. When we can connect these two, then we have kickstarted the birthing of a better business for our client.

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