Research & Analytics

Our research approach is centered on collecting high quality data to produce useful insights. Every project is different and hence we make use of the best tools and implementation for solving each unique problem.


Consumer Profiling
Customer profiles are a comprehensive guide of how clients can reach their target customers. These assist clients describe their consumer, identify their unique needs, and develop specific features for enhancing their consumer experience.

Consumer Demand Forecasting
We help businesses with critical analysis of demand projections of how they will likely perform in retaining clients by using their large store of historical data.

Data Driven Strategy Formulation
In addition to providing technical solutions, we complement our service capabilities with strategy formulation that enhances decision making through use of data, charting future plans and documenting expectations.

Consumer & Market Research

We deploy surveys and polls that target specific segments of the population with data being analyzed and reported in real-time. This allows us to draw insights into consumer behavior from attitudes, opinions, and reactions to products, events, and policies.


With our contact center capabilities, we are able to conduct telephonic interviews and offer bespoke consumer assessment surveys in addition to online surveys. We offer the following survey types:

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Market Perception Surveys

We offer a suite of polling options to assessment population opinions, attitudes, reactions, and expectations in real-time effectively. There are several poll options we offer, namely:

  • Social Media Polls
  • Open Access Polls
  • Opinion Polls
  • Deliberative Polls
  • Entrance & Exit Polls

Consumer Research

Market research entails the development of market profiles based on trends that signal factors affecting the market so as to assist businesses align themselves for optimal market performance.

  • Consumer/Industry Profiling
  • Consumer/Industry Reports
  • Business Journal

Economic Research

Our capabilities, the need for data, and research interests have converged in the following areas of economic research:

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)

SMEs play a significant role in Zimbabwe, however, very little is known about them regionally and internationally. We have the capability to access valuable information and data that could empower SMEs by opening funding opportunities through international interest.

Financial Inclusion & Poverty Alleviation

We have realized the scarcity of demographic information about the country and the region, and actively collect demographic data to create a portrait of the economic landscape of citizens and highlight financially marginalized segments.

Gender Equality & Inclusiveness

There is an observed disparity in the representation of gender in certain roles. We attempt to answer questions on gender equality and inclusiveness through data by assessing attitudes and opinions and derive insights that can effect social change.

Informal Economy of Zimbabwe

The harsh economic landscape of Zimbabwe has manifested a conducive atmosphere for informal trading as citizens attempt to make ends meet. Information and data on the informal sector is scant and often unverified. Our research agenda is addresses the need for empirical verification of informal sector claims by collecting economic and demographic data on the informal sector.